Beware of the TV antenna sales pitch

This article is in English for good reason. It’s to warn off those that might be taken in by the false advertising on this page :

We can vouch for the veracity of our claim having been attracted ourselves by the claims made through this advertisement to  save money over the cable service presently being used. We went ahead and ordered one of the devices and after close to a month in transit it was finally delivered to us in Quebec City via Canada Post.

Since we have been promoting a locally artisan made equivalent we knew exactly what to do to set the device up and scanned the available channels here in Québec City. There was no difference  in performance between their device and ours (for which we now charge  $30.00 sales taxes included) and their « made-in-China » device for close to $60.00 after adding  shipping charges.

After contacting the vendor we were given a $25 refund to avoid the cost and hassle of returning the device.

In fact should you doubt our claim you can even try their antenna out yourself by requesting the device on loan and save yourself the hassle of a month’s wait including close to two weeks where  it ‘s absolutely impossible to verify its whereabouts on the shipping route.





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